Wedding style

Six types of marriage, customizable detailsm, far a Yes in the name of style!

Princely Wedding

The love story begins in a charming, historic homes with breathtaking views, villas, castles and medieval villages. A prince in his carriage and white horses waiting for his half. Mise en place and a prestigious’ elegant atmosphere in the moonlight, lavish clothes and decorations important.

Location: Villa – Castle –  Medieval Village

Style: Princely

Decor: Romantic

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Beach Wedding 

Sun, sand and sea. The noise of the waves, sunset colors and composition romantic colored marine accompany the bride and groom and their guests to experience a unique day at the seaside. From the ceremony to the morning light, strong emotions to the taste of salt! 

Location: Beach

Style: Marine

Decor: Marine

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Country Chic Wedding

Simplicity, naturalness and intimacy. These are the ingredients for a country chic wedding. Location bucolic atmosphere, warm colors in harmony with nature. Lace and lavender, will be the backdrop to the wedding day.

Location:  Farm house – Country house

Style: Country

Decor: Chic

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Spa Wedding

Warm waters and steaming, peace and tranquility… a wedding in relaxation. Celebrations and cheers in bathrobe under the starry sky, including massages and spa. Unique atmosphere for the bride and groom and their guests in a stunning spa setting.

Location: Spa

Style: Zen

Decor: Minimal

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